Radical authenticity unlocks top performance

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

Radical authenticity: Really honest and open conversations. The truth is spoken. People drop their masks willingly. 

Radical authenticity unlocks top performance. The more radical the authenticity, the more radical the release of performance.



Individual Energy

All your energy in service of your goals.

  • Performance is effortless and natural
  • People tap into their inherent capabilities and strengths and their power is released
  • Visions are ambitious, goals are clear
  • Confidence increases
  • Action happens naturally 

Team Performance

Putting the focus on what really matters. 

  • Disagreements fuel innovation
  • Ideas and creativity are abundant
  • Team members relate to each other on a person to person basis - rather than role to role
  • Healthy debate on important issues happens freely
  • Challenge becomes productive and is valued
  • Politics are obsolete 

My Drive

To be authentic and help others unlock their authenticity. 

I believe

  • Strokes are more powerful than strikes
  • The quality of the question we ask determines the quality of the output we get