Me - professionally

I have over 15 years of consulting experience, working across many sectors, industries and countries.

Some of my more recent clients include Amazon, Mars, L’Oreal, Lloyds Banking Group and The Body Shop. I have also worked with a number of startups, helping them through rapid transformation.

I combine my consultancy background from working with Mercer HR and a niche strategy and innovation consultancy in my early career with my extensive and ongoing training and development as a coach and facilitator. 

I'm a certified coach (CPCC) accredited by CTI (the Coaches Training Institute) - - one of the biggest coaches training schools in the world. I'm also a faculty member of CTI, coaching corporate clients on their behalf. Furthermore, Im ORSC (Organisation Relationship and System Coaching) trained, a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation), accredited to administer MBTI and a lead facilitator of the Positive Power and Influence Programme.  I speak English and German fluently. 


Me - personally

I love my work. It is an authentic expression of me and feels effortless. I consider myself privileged and lucky.

The UK has been my home for over 20 years now. I live in York with my 12-year old daughter who devotedly -and daily - sharpens my influencing skills. I grew up in Germany, being half German and half Sudanese.  

My experience of building bridges across team, corporate and cultural cultures explains my fascination with difference. My work is nourished by a lifetime’s reflections. I speak two languages, and would love to speak many more…I'm a rubbish artist and would love to be able to draw and sing - another one to work on. 

I'm an avid reader of books - particularly in the field of psychology, leadership and personal development.

I love to stretch my body as much as my mind, so I’m a swimmer, cycler, runner and yogi.